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Saudi Arabia views conflict with Iran/Hezbollah as existential-a reality that will lead it into ever growing alliance with Israel

This is but one anchor over decades that challenges the arguments of some in Israel that the country exists in a sea of hostile Arab states. This argument has long since been debunked, which is why when we read in Arab newspapers about the impending “open” alliance between Gulf states and Israel, it is not that surprising… It was always just a matter of time and the right shift in balance of power and instability.

From Lebanon’s Ad-Diyyar, which has largely been hostile to KSA:

“…In this context, the circle called for seriously considering the threats related to the strategic Saudi transformation. Al-Riyadh has taken its decision and believes it is fighting an existential war with Iran where it needs to win because a loss means the collapse of the Kingdom. In light of the lack of trust in the American “partner,” the failed bets on the Obama Administration, and the growing doubts about the possibility  of relying on Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, Israel remains the trusted partner since it shares with the Kingdom a common “scourge:” the Iranian threat and the staunch enemy: Hezbollah…

“The circles believe that the current Arab situation is way worse than it was prior to the July 2006 war. Back then, the things that were taking place under the table are not taking place without a trace of shame. Indeed, the Saudi delegation headed by Anwar Eshki is touring Israel and transferring clear message on the Kingdom’s desire to normalize the relations. These talks are nothing but the tip of the political iceberg signaling a well-advanced security cooperation between the two countries…”

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July 25, 2016 at 10:18 pm

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