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Ford fudges the truth on Syria: They were indeed predicting fall of Assad, and, yes, some knew Resistance Axis would resist bitterly

Ambassador Ford is dead wrong here in an interview with Robin Wright: 1) He and others were predicting the imminent fall of Assad et al and 2) For people that often say they know the Middle East deeply, they should have known that the heart of the “Resistance Axis” – Syria – was not going to be a cakewalk…. and that Assad et al would defend to the end even if it meant a Samson option – as I wrote in May 2011 and February 2012. A major mess up by Ford, Hof and others.

…And as Anthony Shadid wrote in May 2011 in the NY Times!

“In Syria, We Need to Bargain with the Devil”/New York Times, February 2012

“A Third Way on Syria Is Possible”/Huffington Post, May 2011

FORD: “….Back in 2012, we in the State Department anticipated that the war was going to become nastier and ever more sectarian, but no one understood how far the Syrian government was willing to go to maintain its control in Damascus….”


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