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Russian pressure on Assad to pull back re: Aleppo may be creating splits with Iran/Hezbollah

Needs a lot more confirmation. Partial translation today by our from Al-Modon.

This is exactly the kind of great power dynamics that could create a durable ceasefire and de facto partition of the country:

“The clash between Hezbollah and the regime forces was caused by the rapid pullout operations that the regime is carrying out around Aleppo. The “Desert Hawks” militia pulled out early Friday…followed by the pullout of the “Al-Arin forces…” The pullout of these forces caused a massive Iranian anger and even more anger on the part of the Hezbollah members… The pullouts of the regime’s militias were non-stop during this past week thus leaving Hezbollah alone in areas where the opposition strikes are increasing. Observers indicated that Hezbollah is now paying the price of the Russian-made settlements. It seems that the new truce recently announced by Russia in Aleppo came in response to the request of the regime’s allies who are now being subjected to a massive military pressure…”


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June 17, 2016 at 8:15 pm

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