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Al-Akhbar columnist comes around to the idea that Russian presence in Syria potentially benefits Israel

I wrote about these dynamics at the beginning of the September 2015 “Russian Intervention” for Foreign Affairs magazine:

“Strange Bedfellows in Syria: Russian Intervention Could Constrain Iran and Hezbollah—and Help Israel”/Foreign Affairs, October 2015 (Subscriber only-accesible via Mideastwire Blog)

Al-Akhbar today:

“Netanyahu in Moscow: Repeated visits beyond ‘coordination’”

“…Throughout its efforts, Israel is betting on the absence of any hostility between the two sides or, more precisely, on the friendship between them. It believes that what brings Tel Aviv together with Moscow is much bigger than whatever breaks them apart despite the special relationship with the Americans. The Israelis also believe that their demands in Syria do not clash with the Russian interests there, which is allowing them and pushing them to make extensive efforts with the Russians and at a very high pace…”

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June 7, 2016 at 11:49 pm

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