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Backstage conflict said to heat up over alleged assassination of Iranian ambassador by KSA during Hajj

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On June 1, the Lebanon Debate news website carried the following report: “The repercussions of the case of former Iranian Ambassador to Beirut, Ghadanfar Rokon Abadi, who died while performing the pilgrimage rites in last year’s stampede in Saudi Arabia, are still reverberating on the arena although this issue is no longer being discussed. Still, the effects are still there and they are strongly imposing themselves on the course of the Saudi-Iranian relations, which have been tense since then.

“One could meticulously read into the Iranian’s angry atmosphere since that time. Indeed, Iran is making no compromises whatsoever concerning the issue of Ghadanfar Rokon Abadi. It has taken a fighting position in the confrontation with Saudi Arabia on this matter and says that it will “make no compromises” there. The Iranian speech even went all the way to say that the Abadi incident is an “assault” in addition to alluding to an assassination attempt against the man, according to Iranian politicians.

“The possibility of an assassination attempt, as expressed by a number of Iranian officials, is now returning to the limelight. Lebanon Debate obtained one detail from prominent diplomatic sources who are constantly visiting Tehran. The sources said that “the investigations indicated that Ambassador Abadi died three days following the Mina stampede incident rather than on the first day as per the Saudi claims.”

“The sources dissected the Saudi claims and said: “The Al-Riyadh authorities have made many conflicting statements fluctuating between an immediate death to the possibility of a disappearance. It then delivered a disfigured corpse to Tehran, one that hides an organized murder.” The diplomatic sources revealed to Lebanon Debate pieces of information that have so far remained concealed about the state of Abadi’s body, which reached Tehran more than a month following his death. The sources indicated that “Abadi’s body had lost its main organs. Some organs were taken out of the body and not sent along, which reveals an intention to hide the crime’s motives and to mask the details in order to prevent the emergence of the truth.”…”


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