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Jordan’s Al-Ghad daily warns against consequences of banning, restricting main Islamist party

From an editorial in Jordan’s Al-Ghad today: “…It will rather be the radical movements, such as ISIL or An-Nusra, which will be joined by disgruntled youth from the group and the party, who are disappointed with their representation on the political scene. Therefore, it is necessary for the new government to draw a real horizon for the relationship between the state and the Front, turn the page of the past, and think about the future. We need far-sighted official leaders with a real outlook, to exit the crisis and tensions, and explain to the Islamists what is exactly wanted of them by the state to mend their deteriorating relationship… As for the excessive pressures, disregarding and denial, they will lead to completely reverse results, which are opposed to what is required.”

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June 1, 2016 at 8:04 pm

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