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Can Guatemala’s International Commission Against Impunity be useful in Tunisia’s main fight against Parallel State?

Yes – there are many substantive ideas out there around the world for tackling Tunisia’s number one problem: its parallel state (cops, oligarchs, mafia with a sprinkling of politicians).
And yes, some good ideas may involve the UN and/or internationalizing the problem so Tunisian democrats have the hard power tools to finally fight back.
In the last few days since I posted my Huff Post piece, I’ve gotten deluged with great ideas [read it at
Why is there no comprehensive study on these ideas and their suitability for Tunisia?
“CICIG was set up to support the Guatemala’s Public Ministry, the National Police and other institutions in the investigation and prosecution of crimes committed by organized criminal enterprises with strong ties to political and security sector actors. It also works with other state institutions in other activities aimed at dismantling these groups.
The commission is a unique joint effort of the United Nations and the Guatemalan government: it receives financial and technical support from the international community, and is led by international staff, but it operates within Guatemalan law and the Guatemalan court system.”

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May 31, 2016 at 6:54 pm

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