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Noe in Huffington Post: “The Problem With Saving Tunisia”

My latest Huffington Post article that critiques several recent reports on Tunisia from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the International Crisis Group.
“…Tens of millions (perhaps hundreds of millions) of dollars have been provided by international NGOs and governments to support women’s empowerment, media activism and legal reforms, among other crucial efforts. Far more still is being spent identifying and targeting violent extremists and confronting ISIS at the borders.
But five years on from the revolution, there is still no comprehensive study about one of the main structures that continually subverts so much “good government” work and desperately needed security sector reform – the sprawling ministry of interior.
Tunisians often comment that perhaps a few hundred or as many as a few thousand of their fellow citizens (cops, oligarchs and gangsters, with a sprinkling of politicians) exert a wide, pernicious control over state and society.
Is it true? Who are these people and how do they operate in consort with the several dozen or so key security chiefs that are said to be controlling the sector’s decisions?
Most importantly, would destabilizing the top tier of corruption, especially in the interior ministry, really impede the country’s ability to protect itself at this crucial moment, as some fear?
Addressing these questions in detail is vital for getting to the next step: Rapidly and responsibly dismantling Tunisia’s parallel state.
But here too, not much work has been done to sketch out options even though several approaches are available…”

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May 28, 2016 at 3:11 am

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