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Criticism of Russian stances on ceasefire in pro-regime Syrian daily

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On May 25, the pro-Syrian regime Al-Watan daily newspaper carried the following piece by Fares Riad al-Jiroudi: “The Russian-sponsored truce on the Syrian land in partnership with the USA constituted an occasion for launching a new wave of skepticism regarding the real objectives behind the Russian leadership’s military intervention in Syria and the extent of their matching with the Syrian objectives and the objectives of Syria’s allies at the resistance axis especially since the Russian keenness on preserving the truce coincided with decisive Iranian statements expressing a willingness to support the battle of the Syrian Arab army until the cleansing of Aleppo and its suburbs entirely.

“This wasn’t the first of its kind wave of skepticism in the Russian position from within the media circles affiliated to the Resistance axis. But it seems that this wave will subside just like previous waves as the Russian Defense Ministry declared that the unilateral response to the truce breaches will start on May 25 (today). However, this shows that an important number of the Resistance axis’ journalists have so far failed to assimilate the complications of this war that Syria and its allies are fighting against the takfiri groups and their supporters, mainly Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar…”


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May 26, 2016 at 10:29 pm

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