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Al-Akhbar daily, generally supportive of Russia/Hezbollah, publishes piece critical of leaked “Russian Amendments” to Syrian consitution

Translated in part below, and in full by our in today’s Briefing:
“A Russian constitution for Syria…”
On May 24, the Al-Akhbar daily newspaper carried the following report by Elie Hanna: “…Away from the Syrian field that is currently “restricted” by the internationally-imposed truce and the halted Geneva political course, a hidden war is taking place and ropes are being pulled between the allies over the Syrian constitution and its formula. The UN resolution number 2254 indicated that August will be seeing a new constitution. The clearest statement concerning this matter was the one made by the US Secretary of State, John Kerry from Moscow on March 25: “We agreed (with the Russian side) on a timeline to come up with a working framework for a political transition in addition to a draft constitution. We hope that both will be completed by August.”

“…In Moscow, where the decision-making circles are eager to push the wheel of the political settlement forward and to present themselves as an effective player in the political arena in addition to the major military influence that was recently revealed, a draft constitution for the Syrian Republic has been put in place. According to pieces of information obtained by Al-Akhbar, the draft constitution comprises some major amendments and new clauses different from the acting constitution since February 2012.

“The first clause of the “Russian constitution” includes the term “Syrian Republic” while the word “Arab” has been dropped. The Russian draft also dropped the third clause of the present constitution that goes: “The religion of the president of the republic is Islam” and “Islamic jurisprudence constitutes the main source of legislation.” A new clause also indicates that “the services and organizations of the Kurdish cultural self-administration use Arabic and Kurdish as two equal languages.” According to the law, each area also has the right to use, in addition to the official language, the language of the majority of the population if agreed upon through “a local referendum.”


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