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Fred Hof: Imprecise on STL particulars

Unfortunately Fred Hof at the Atlantic Council is imprecise in his polemics and therefore serves up a fun column but not much for serious analysis. But one part where you can see how critical nuances escape him is here in one sentence:

“In the Hariri case, Badreddine and his confederates had left behind electronic fingerprints that made their indictments inevitable after an exhaustive investigation: one that the Hezbollah leadership cadre tried (and failed) to frustrate at every turn.”

— He briskly avoids any discussion of the problems that are well discussed when it comes to the telecom evidence in the indictment and presents it as a “slam dunk” case.
— In the same sentence he makes a crucial mistake in not acknowleding for the unknowing reader how Hezbollah cooperated with the tribunal over several years. An understanding of this dynamic is crucial to a solid understanding of how, where and why things seemed go so wrong for the STL – and the options that existed early on for accomplishing the “highest standards of international justice,” as the UN directed.



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May 18, 2016 at 12:45 am

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