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Ghannouchi and Nahda appear to break with Muslim Brotherhood

A major address…. would welcome comments… is this genuine?


Translated by our today:

On May 15, the pro-PA Al-Hayat al-Jadidah newspaper exclusively acquired the following message, which was addressed by leader of the Tunisian Ennahda Movement Rached al-Ghannouchi to the special meeting of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood that was held in Istanbul in April: “There are no medical reasons or others that prevented me from attending. But day after day, I am seeing the moment of separation between us growing nearer. I am a Tunisian Muslim, and Tunisia is my country. And I believe that patriotism is important, essential and critical, and can never allow anyone to strip me of my Tunisian identity. I can never allow an attack on Tunisia, even by those carrying the same message. I am now proclaiming before you that my Tunisian identity is the greatest and most important element, and that I do not want Tunisia to turn into the nearby Libya or the distant Iraq.

“I want Tunisia to protect its children, regardless of their political inclinations, and say to you loud and clear that your erroneous path has inflicted calamities on the entire region. You have disregarded reality, built dreams and illusions, and completely neglected the people and their capabilities. I have warned you in Egypt, Syria and Yemen, but you did not listen. And today, I am a soldier in defense of the Tunisian territories, and will not allow terrorism to target my country under whichever headline, as the country’s collapse would mean my own. You must realize for once the seriousness of what is happening, and who is benefiting from it. You told us that Egypt was going to collapse and that you will regain power in it within weeks or months. But unfortunately, you lacked resourcefulness, and allied with terrorist organizations that are destroying your homelands. If your homelands are destroyed, what will you be left with?

“The chairs should not be the higher goal, rather the country. And we must reintroduce ourselves as Islamic patriots, and recognize and deal with patriotism, since we cannot build an Islamic nation without Islamic patriotism. This is the main point of dispute between us. What is Muslim terrorism, which has come from Pakistan, Mauritania or Saudi Arabia, doing in Tunisia? What does it want? Is it not to destroy and kill my people? By God, I urge you one last time to read well into reality, not to show obstinacy, and to look at your state and how the group has become divided into two or more groups, and how you have become isolated by the people in many countries, after you used to wager on your popular base… We in Tunisia are a clear message to you, as we assumed power and lost the elections. And who other than the Tunisian people made us lose?

“There was a wide discrepancy between what we presented and formulated, and what we practiced with the Tunisians. No foreign sides were involved in our toppling. It was due to our mistakes and decisions, not to the Russians, the Americans, or others. We made mistakes in our new experience in Tunisia, and the Tunisian people held us accountable. And we must draw the lessons from that if we are serious and truly carrying a message. Leave each country and homeland to its population, regardless of the result and even if you lose. You are acting like the current regimes, and resorting to violence whenever the people reject you. You have not changed anything, or delivered new messages to the people. Quite the contrary, they now perceive you as a replica of their reality, as their hopes for change have been thwarted. And you are responsible for that.

“Unfortunately, you have not yet studied, assessed or drawn lessons from the Egyptian experience. War has been raging in Syria for five years, and the entire world has read into, studied and heeded the lessons except you. Where are you heading? In conclusion, I would like to clearly inform you that we in Tunisia are suspending our attendance of such meetings that have become routine ones, even negative ones, which are causing more harm than good. And I call on the wise and realistic among you to seek new mechanisms and programs that unite and do not divide, and that attract and do not alienate. Now that this letter has been read, the Tunisian delegation will withdraw from the meeting and announce the suspension of our attendance of any others.”


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