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Iranian pundit: Central Banker admits real problem is Iranian banks aren’t ready to hook into global financial system

Excerpt from our Daily Briefing:

On April 19, a commentary by Mehdi Mtahharnia in the reformist Arman-e Emruz said:

“…In the new round of criticism of the JCPOA, what some activists referred to as the “consequence of failure in the elections,” was given a new soul and entered a new phase, after Seyf’s famous quote.

“Assuming that by saying these words Seyf intended to remind the other sides – meaning the P5+1 and especially the United States – of the JCPOA to fulfil their very important commitments, is good. But this is only half of the whole sentence. Valiyollah Seyf, as the head of the Central Bank of Iran, in one of his trainings, told the managers of one of the biggest governmental organizations: “Basically, Iranian banks are not ready for the post-JCPOA period and will not be able to carry out transactions as well as expected in the post-JCPOA period.” This confession by Seyf has been reflected and heard in the written and unwritten media, and Seyf is aware of this point. This shows that the head of the Central Bank and the existing departments are not ready and lack suitable foresight for the financial future of Iran. Seyf must now be accountable, for if they have not fulfilled their commitments, how much have he and the banking system been able to pave the ground for the banks to use this condition?…”


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