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From the duo behind the May 2008 mini civil war over Hezbollah’s telecom network: Jumblat accuses Siniora of having mafia-like telcom net!

Jumblat of all people, calling out his longtime ally, US-beloved former PM Siniora, on corruption and “mafia” like activities in setting up an illegal internet network. The ultimate irony here: this same duo sparked the May 2008 mini civil war over Hezbollah’s illegal, secondary fiber optic network. Back then both claimed such a scheme violated the very idea of the state.

Now Jumblat is accusing Siniora – for pure profit motive – of a longstanding scheme doing just that! I need to read more on this but, the initial thought is that even these incredible un-maskings are not particularly surprising if you have followed the Ceder Revolution since 2004/2005.

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April 26, 2016 at 5:57 pm

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