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Israel ups Dahiye Doctrine volume

Israel is upping these warnings in the last few months as Hezbollah’s overall position strengthens (after several years of mounting pressure) and as Russia continues to assert itself alongside Hezbollah. Reports that Russian and Israeli jets have had recent confrontations/engagements are probably also fueling the rhetoric uptick and Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow.

Remember, too, a key aspect of the IDF’s “Dahiye Doctrine” reiterated below: Supportive civilian populations, not just civilian infrastructure, will be regarded essentially as enemy combatants in the next war, with far greater civilian casualties than was seen even in the “restrained” conflict in 2006 that saw more than 1200 Lebanese civilians killed (121 Israeli soldiers were killed and 41 civilians in Israel and Occupied Territories as a result of Hezbollah actions).


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April 22, 2016 at 8:51 pm

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