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Algerian daily: “unprecedented” seizures of heavy arms

I wrote about some of the “unprecedented” arms and militant movements in and around Algeria, below, as well as the effect Libya has had on pushing forward this dynamic.
Don’t be put off by the “relatively” low level of insurgent and terrorist attacks in Algeria proper – it seems that it’s direct destabilization is being left for a later date, given the necessity of using the country as a thoroughfare.
“Algeria: What Lies Ahead”/Newsweek, January 2016
“The Libya Effect”/Newsweek, April 2016

El Watan April 15:

“The latest weapons seizures disclosed by the Ministry of Defence show that trafficking lets in increasingly heavy weapons and in much larger quantities. They are the sign of a new strategy by the terrorist groups to settle in the region.

“This is unprecedented, since the beginning of terrorism and the delivery of the first shipments of arms in 1992, there has never been as many heavy weapons seized in Algeria as there was between February and now. Even during the terrorist attack against the Boughezoul barracks in March 1993, when the jihadists were able to get their hands on a large quantity of weapons after killing 41 soldiers, the quantity of weapons, with a calibre exceeding 7.65x54mm has never been that significant.

“…What many people attributed to the spread of Qadhafi’s arsenals was in fact just the flow of arms from the Sudanese and Chadian conflicts. This was not the case in the weapons seized at El Oued, which, in very good condition, were part of the military equipment of the former Libyan army, or in the case of the six anti-tank rocket launchers, weapons illegally imported by the Fajr Libya militia, via Middle East countries.

“…Gulf monarchies, exasperated by Algeria’s attitude and very involved militarily in Libya, would also be interested in the weakening of Algeria and the sabotage of its oil industry, said our source. Moreover, there are the forces that have thrown Libya and Syria into chaos, who understand that it would be difficult to count on the disintegration of Algeria, the collapse of its army and dispersion of its weapons and who are reportedly trying to redress the situation by bringing in considerable firepower whilst waiting for the right time.”


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