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Saudi columnist in pro-monarchy daily: If we did 9/11, then why did you ally with us and attack elsewhere?

An interesting Saudi response to the impending “revelation” that key elements in the Saudi regime (or worse) aided and abetted 9/11. Translated today by our (for a free trial, email


On April 19, the pro-monarchy Okaz newspaper carried the following opinion piece by Khalaf al-Harbi: “15 years after the September 11 incidents, our beloved Americans suddenly discovered that Saudi Arabia was the one responsible for this terrorist crime, which changed the face of the world. But this odd discovery pushes one to ask completely innocent questions: [If these claims are true] Why did the US destroy the poor Afghanistan, and did not leave one stone standing in it? Why did it invade Iraq and lead it 1,000 years back? Why did it ally with Saudi Arabia in particular in its war on terrorism, and widely relied on it in chasing down Al-Qa’idah organization? And can one consider that the hundreds of thousands of people who were killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere, died in a moment of American anger, and that Mother America’s conscience awakened after the Islamic world drowned in the muds of terrorism and sectarianism? …(Read on with a free trial by emailing


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April 19, 2016 at 8:56 pm

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