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Algerian daily says Saudi-Algerian relations going through “a real crisis”

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On April 3, the El-Khabar daily newspaper carried the following report: “The Algerian-Saudi relations are going through a real crisis, one that reached a pinnacle with the visit of the the Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid al-Muallem, last week after having gone through a phase of being frozen throughout the past phase due to the conflicting points of view regarding the joint Arab action and the regional affairs.

“Until last Wednesday, the talk about a lack of heat at the level of the relations between Algeria and Al-Riyadh was a form of fantasy thanks to the personal relations between the president of the republic and the Gulf leaders. However, things are quite different behind the scenes; and a number of people following on the relations between the two largest countries in the Arab region are now talking about the existence of a crisis between them due to their differences over the events in Syria and Yemen.

“Algeria is building its controversial positions in the Arab region on the concept of abstaining from interfering in the other countries’ internal affairs. If there is need to interfere, this should be based on the principle of looking for peaceful solutions and dialogue away from the language of the weapons and division. The crisis between Algeria and Al-Riyadh has been further exacerbated by the difference in economic interests mainly at the energy level. Algeria…is holding Saudi Arabia responsible for the market imbalance, which has yielded a severe crisis for Algeria… ”

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