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Western audiences have not heard much about the mass protest in Yemen against Saudi-led war

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On March 28, the electronic Rai al-Youm daily newspaper carried the following piece by Abdul Bari Atwan: “It was quite a sad thing for the former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his ally, Al-Houthi, to address millions of protestors via television channels affiliated to them covering this unprecedented event [i.e. the protests] in Yemen’s modern history; while the “legitimate” Yemeni President, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, cannot find one channel to address the Yemenis at the first anniversary of the Saudi Al-Hazm Storm…

“Al-Hazm Storm started two months after the Saudi Monarch’s access to power amidst a media fuss, the main headline of which was: Salman’s dogma is different and will be based on the use of force to confront the Kingdom’s enemies, push the heritage of the former kings aside, halt the Iranian expansion, bring back the legitimate Yemeni president to his capital, and eliminate the coup that ousted him and his cabinet. However, one year later, and through the protests that we are seeing and the things we learned through our calls and meetings with Yemeni figures and regular citizens, we can say that the main success achieved by this “Storm” consists of increasing the hatred felt by the greatest majority of Yemenis towards their Saudi neighbor…

“A Yemeni friend of mine residing in London – for whom I have a lot of respect and who is known for his strong opposition of both President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthis – told me that a large number of Yemenis who fled to Saudi Arabia including ministers in the Hadi cabinet are asking him to find safe asylum havens for them in Europe as they have completely lost hope to return to their country and as they grew weary with some of their Saudi “sponsor’s” practices. These people believe that neither their “diplomatic” passport, nor their money have any worth since they are now completely convinced that this war is open ended, that there will be no winners, and that Saudi Arabia won’t proceed with it for too long as it is now looking for any exit to halt its financial, human, and political bleeding…

“We don’t believe that the Saudi-led alliance will be progressing towards Sanaa now that it saw these huge and unprecedented masses of Yemeni protestors against the “assault.” The jets will also halt or reduce the bombardment of the markets, hospitals and weddings… The secret negotiations between the Saudi officials and their Houthi counterparts in Al-Riyadh that succeeded in calming down the border fronts and in swapping hostages might represent the first steps towards a Saudi exit from this “Storm” and a chance for the success of the negotiations, which are expected to take place in two weeks between the conflicting parties and under the UN supervision…”


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