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Anti-Future Movement daily says splits seen in Tripoli between Mashnouq, Rifi

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On March 5, the anti-Future Movement daily Ad-Diyyar carried the following report by Doumou’ al-Asmar: “In the past few hours, Tripoli turned into a new mailbox, one that reflects the extent of the political conflict between the wings of the Future movement and the political heirs of Martyr Rafic al-Hariri, as well as the extent of the ongoing debate between the hawks and the doves of the blue movement. Eyes are turned to Tripoli these days as the features of this conflict emerged in the city’s streets and arenas where banners supporting the Interior Minister, Nouhad al-Mashnouk, and praising his positions were raised. Some parties in Tripoli deemed these positions as heroic…

“These banners provoked a slice of Tripolitans who considered that the banners actually target the ousted Minister of Justice, Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi. Rifi’s supporters thus entered a state of alert via the social communication networks. Some even took to the street and asked the governor to remove the banners…especially since these were raised following Al-Mashnouk’s stand regarding the Arab interior ministers’ conference and his reservation concerning the clause that deemed Hezbollah and terrorist organization. Meanwhile, Rifi is insisting on this description and praising the decisions of the GCC that deemed Hezbollah a terrorist…

“A Tripoli source said that these developments revealed the secrets of the relationship between the two men, Al-Mashnouq and Rifi. Sources that are following up on the tense relationship said that to patch things up has become too difficult adding that this also represents a clue to the state of the relationship between Sa’d al-Hariri and Rifi. Al-Mashnouk succeeded in representing and embodying the politics of the blue movement while Rifi opted for being the representative of a restless Tripolitan slice, one that has gone all the way to rebelling against the blue movement several years ago…

“Another source wondered: “Where is [former] PM Sa’d al-Hariri regarding these banners that praise Al-Mashnouk and the other banners and pictures showing Rifi?” Anyone who walks through the streets of Tripoli can now notice the scarce number of Al-Hariri pictures and the absence of any banners saluting or praising him. Meanwhile, wherever one goes, one can see dozens of pictures and banners supporting Rifi and recently Al-Mashnouk. It is as if the Future movement is now comprised in these two symbols of the political Harirism… So where is Al-Hariri between these two competitors on the Lebanese political arena?”


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March 8, 2016 at 6:01 pm

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