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Rifi resignation likely a major strategic error by Hezbollah; potential for unraveling accelerates

Rifi’s resignation is a major blow to the “security consensus” that has (relatively) protected Lebanon for almost two years. No matter what one thinks of Rifi, Hezbollah and its allies are now extremely vulnerable to the whole Lebanese house of cards falling down on everyone.

As such, this could stand as a major (and avoidable) strategic mis-calculation on the domestic front by Hezbollah – a real tipping point. The Party needs the security consensus in place and needs the Sunni-Shia bargain that it represented, with Rifi and Mashnouq as ministers especially.

Matters look to get far worse for Lebanon in the coming period.

“…We wanted this cabinet to ease tensions to avoid slipping into complete vacuum, but they wanted to use it to further their destructive agenda,” he continued.

“We wanted this government to avert economic collapse and save what is left, but they obstructed it and deprived the people of the most minimal hope of economic revival and instead we witnessed a decline in central services and in all vital sectors,” he added…”


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February 21, 2016 at 6:59 pm

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