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There is an accelerating refugee crisis in Libya that will be blown open by intervention

Much more is needed on this urgent, developing topic. Suffice it to say quickly: Intervention in Libya is a terrible idea, especially as long as the Syria war accelerates… And it will greatly destabilize Tunisia, possibly Algeria and beyond.

Beyond that, it is also likely that there will be major new refugee flows towards southern Europe.

Translated tonight from one Algerian daily:

“…While negotiations continue in the Moroccan town of Skhirat on the accord government, Libya’s neighbouring countries are making preparations for an imminent war against the strongholds of terrorist organizations in Libya; the preparations are being made by the West and the launch is only a matter of time, perhaps a few weeks. The forces of the Libya Dawn, including the Brigades of the Revolutionaries of Misratah, has laid a security siege on Sirte which is under the control of the terrorist organization Da’ish on many axis to stop the influx of new supporters, particularly those coming from the Caucuses and Europe. Local sources in Sirte said that about 50 French nationals had joined the organization and came from Mali and Niger. A number of supporters of the organization from the Caucuses had travelled across the sea to the shores of Sirte. The siege has caused a big humanitarian crisis for civilians after medicine and food trucks for residents of Sirte, which has a population of more than 120,000, were banned. Citizens in the town told Echourouk that famine was beginning to surface…”



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February 19, 2016 at 8:18 pm

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