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Growing concern over negative effects in Tunisia, Sahara area of military intervention in Libya

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On February 18, the Al-Khaleej daily newspaper carried the following piece by Kamal Belhadi: “It seems that the continuous media bombardment concerning the expected military operation in Libya is only a preemptive operation aimed at preparing the western media in the concerned countries to receive this strike, the repercussions and effects on which on the neighboring countries mainly Tunisia cannot be predicted.

“All the signs indicate that the military preparations are now in their final phases and that the political coordination is at its highest levels especially following the latest Rome meeting between the foreign ministers of the anti-ISIL alliance. However, the Arab positions seem unclear, and the structure of the Maghreb Union has been paralyzed for years…

“The talk about a military intervention in Libya is not new. For a while now, especially following the Paris attacks, the Europeans have been discussing the idea that ISIL is now on the Roman gates, which calls for a decisive intervention to eliminate this group… The Arab positions, mainly those of the neighboring countries, are still conflicting between an absolute Algerian and Tunisian rejection of a military operation in Libya, and an unclear Egyptian desire to carry out the military strikes…

“Tunisia is aware of the extent of the burdens it had to deal with since 2011 following the collapse of the state and the proliferation of the weapons’ chaos. At the level of the refugees, Tunisia received more than a million refugees… In the past years, Tunisia has also suffered from the infiltration of weapons and fighters in both directions in addition to the terrorist actions knowing that the Libyan arena represented a main element there by supplying weapons or training the terrorists and smuggling them into Tunisia…

“We now know for sure that there are several sleeper cells on the Tunisian ground. The security and army forces are working hard on severing their limbs in order to prevent them from turning into a chronic illness. But the war on Libya might push many terrorists into the Tunisian ground and these could take advantage of the chaos in order to carry out terrorist actions and to spread chaos. This is the most favorable atmosphere for these groups… In Algeria, the matter can be viewed from this same angle, i.e. the security angle. Algeria knows that the chaotic situation in Libya will result in chaos throughout the African Sahara where the rebel groups are quite active…

“Many views indicate that the intervention in Libya will take place in March and the blows that are currently taking place aim at preparing the ground for the general attack. Spring is the season where most of the military interventions take place (Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011). Thus, there seems to be very little time to prepare for a highly dangerous situation especially since the social situation is no less explosive and dangerous than the regional situation…”


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