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Nasrallah Speech – Notes & Observations

Nasrallah just talked now about Lebanon essentially having a Nuclear or WMD threat because the Israelis acknowledge a hit on the Haifa chemical plant would unleash massive destruction. Remember (and see below from this morning) this is a specific push back against the Dahiye Doctrine of massive destruction in Lebanon being raised increasingly by the Israeli side. An important racheting up of the war risks between Hezbollah and Israel which both sides – but especially the Israeli side – has been stoking these past few weeks because, I would argue, the Israelis see a great shaking off of constraints by Hezbollah, which is a clear and present danger in the Israeli calculus.

Some speech excerpts:

— Nasrallah praised the “Israeli enemy” for holding “real” conferences and really studying their own faults, their strategic situation etc – unlike “us” in the Arab world.

— Israel has changed its discourse over “Arab Sunni states,” a very important change

— Clear covert and overt relations and coordinating over a “sunni-shia” conflict by Sunni monarchies and Israel. They are not religious, sectarian conflicts in fact but these sides try to give a non-political and a purely sectarian angle because this is an effective weapon for them, though untrue in reality. These conflicts are political par excellance, not religious.

— Cites the “Munich handshakes” by Sunni figures and Israelis. They opened doors for Israel to present itself as a protector of sunnis – it is a trick – the result will be: if Israel becomes a friend and ally of sunni states it will mean the eternal loss of palestine – and the religious sites

— Israel has called for dividing syria on an ethnic and sectarian basis, according to published Israeli reports.

— Criticizes ISIS and Al-Qaeda for its terrible effect on Islam in general and regional peoples.

— Saudi policy is now drinking a cup of failure – its not a complete defeat, surely not. They brought tens of thousands of fighters and takfiris to Syria.

— Nasrallah says that even if ISIS succeeds it will be good for US interests in the region – and for Israel.

–If turkey and saudi wanted to squeeze out ISIS and kill it they could. They dont want to…. AQI and ISIS in saudi are in major areas of Yemen precisely because of the “New Saudi project.” ISIS is an excuse – but it is not clear to me – perhaps ISIS could at some point be legitimated by the Saudis and others.

— Saudi Arabia is willing to draw everyone into a regional or even a world war but not join a settlement in Syria. Look at the ignorance and the level of hatred.

On the Third Lebanon War

— Capable of inflicting defeat on Israel in any upcoming war.

— Nasrallah talks about the Dahiye Doctrine – we pray to god that such a bitter experience is kept away from us.

— Brings up idea that Israelis say if the chemical plant Haifa is hit it would release ammonium gas which is tantamount to a nuclear bomb.


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