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“Syrian students in the north receiving Wahhabi education”

Translated by our – a troubling development if not exaggerated!
On February 1, the Ad-Diyyar daily newspaper carried the following report by Doumou’ al-Asmar: “A Tripoli source indicated that the Saudi budget that has been devoted for the education of the Syrian students in Lebanon amounts to four million dollars per year and is being spent by the Syrian educational committee, which is based in Tripoli. This committee is said to have become an independent state within the Lebanese state as it operates away from the surveillance and monitoring of the national ministry of education.

“The educational curriculum that is being applied in this committee’s schools has nothing to do with the official Lebanese curriculum. The Syrian curriculum is also completely tore down as thousands of Syrian students are being educated according to the Saudi curricula meaning that generations of Syrian kids are being taught something that completely undermines all the education that children have been receiving under the Syrian curricula for more than forty years.

“The source indicated that the committee overseeing the schools in Tripoli and the north is receiving money but barely spending it on the students who are supposed to receive free education. However, these students are actually paying school fees as well as transportation fees…, which raises several questions on the fate of the budget dedicated to the displaced students. The source expressed his dismay since…these Syrian students are now chanting the national hymns of the funding sources such as the Saudi, Kuwaiti, or Emirati hymns whenever delegations from these countries come to visit them.

“The educational material is now producing students who support the Gulf regimes or the Wahhabi curriculum. A few years from now, Lebanon will see a wave of takfiri, pro-Gulf graduates who will constitute a threat not only to Syria but also to Lebanon… According to the source, the above-mentioned committee that oversees the schools is running its affairs from offices that have been opened in Tripoli and turned into fortresses equipped with wireless devices and surveillance cameras as they are considered as Syrian opposition centers.

“This committee is headed by a Syrian opposition leader who left Syria in the 1980s following the Hamah events and stayed in Saudi Arabia. He is currently travelling between Lebanon and Syria and has a political agenda that he is carrying out among the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. He is also working on attracting and recruiting the Syrian youths according to the takfiri curriculum, for which he is recruiting students of all ages.

“The source wondered about the secret behind the dates’ shipments reaching the offices of this committee in Abi Samra. He says: Are these really dates, or is there something more bitter beneath? The source added that the brother of the above-mentioned leader is a leader at a radical group; and the funding keeps flowing in under the headline of these schools, which have turned into centers for the Syrian opposition activists…”

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February 3, 2016 at 2:21 pm

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