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Another Hezbollah story from Jesse Rosenfeld where top commanders spill (bad) beans to US Journalist

Another Hezbollah story from Jesse Rosenfeld. I don’t understand how the National allows essentially reprinting his Daily Beast story from the previous weeks without any indication about this for the reader.

Of course, the same criticisms obtain as in previous weeks, here and on the blog via Although a bit of new color is that martyrs posters are going up all over Dahiye. This is yet another red flag, of many, (our recent research visit confirmed quite the opposite if one puts it into the context of the previous 5 and then 10 years) that means we cannot use these articles for serious analysis.

Although, very interestingly, exactly concurrent to his Daily Beast article where “Hezbollah Commanders” boast to their trusted confident Jesse about direct Russian supplies of “advanced” weaponry (why wouldn’t they trust this American Journalist with damaging information about the party?), the Israelis began their media offensive highlighting precisely this issue.

That part of the renewed media war in the wake of several Hezbollah advances will be the bulk of my piece next week!


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January 26, 2016 at 12:58 pm

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