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The necessity of connecting Tunisian unrest with a region that is widely breaking down

Translated tonight by our, an important bit that links the situation in Egypt with Tunisia… and what could spread beyond national borders since the accelerants are regional.
We may be at the beginning of seeing a two-fold breakdown – Violent extremism/insurgencies on one axis AND violent socio-economic unrest across multiple constituencies.
Corny as it sounds, this could well represent a kind of perfect storm, with enormously, long-lasting destabilizing consequences.
From As-Safir:
“… As if the regime’s fears are not enough, bad luck also joined in since, only a few days prior to the January 25 revolution’s anniversary, the features of a new uprising are emerging in Tunisia. This new uprising set-off from Kasserine and Al-Kaf and expanded to include eight regions. Interestingly, the events in Tunisia are motivated by reasons that are clearly present in Egypt…”

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January 22, 2016 at 5:06 pm

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