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In case you missed it… ISIS just destroyed most of Libya’s oil export capabilities

A part and parcel of a very smart economic terrorism push designed to fracture the various states.

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On January 22, the Saudi-owned London-based Al-Hayat newspaper carried the following report by its correspondent in Tripoli Ali Shuaib: “ISIL’s armed elements staged a surprise attack on the Ra’s Lanuf Port in the Libyan oil crescent yesterday, and burned four tanks of crude [oil] and the main gas pipeline that feeds the power plants in several cities of the country’s west, in addition to the Extreme Green [probably referring to the Greenstream] pipeline that delivers gas to Italy through the Mediterranean. Sources in the oil sector described ISIL’s attack as an act of sabotage aiming to stop the exportation of Libyan crude oil, which was confirmed by Chairman of the National Oil Corporation Mustafa Sanalla by saying that the production of 360,000 barrels per day will indefinitely come to a halt, as a result of the destruction of the remaining tanks.

“The terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened to hit all the Libyan oil ports…, at a time when eyewitnesses said that ISIL’s armed elements used rockets to strike the tanks affiliated with Al-Harouge Corporation, and IEDs to detonate the gas pipeline, which led to the eruption of massive fires and the rise of heavy black smoke in the area’s sky. For its part, the oil facilities’ guard announced it had deterred the assailants and forced them to pull back to the city of Sirte, which is under their occupation. The losses suffered by the oil sector as a result of ISIL’s attacks are estimated at around three billion barrels that burned inside the tanks, and sources voiced fears over ISIL’s targeting of the oil derivatives in the region, namely the highly-explosive Ethylene, C4 and propylene, of which there are thousands of tons…

“For his part, Sanalla said to Al-Hayat that the “full halting of the oil production will force the country to pay massive sums of money in compensations to foreign companies.” He added that the Ra’d Lanuf Port, which had been closed since December 2014, will remain so for a long time, due to the damage caused by this attack and previous ones. As for Director of Zueitina Oil Company (formerly Occidental) Nasser Zammit, he said to Al-Hayat that the destruction of the tanks had halted the pumping of oil from the fields, indicating that his company had completely stopped its export activities ever since Jadhran [a militia leader] closed the oil ports in 2014. Zammit assured at this level that changing the pumping lines and the ports was too difficult and would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. On the other hand, the Derna Mujahedeen Shura Council (east) announced the deterrence of ISIL’s attack on the city.

“The Council thus said that its armed elements, supported by the neighbourhoods’ youth, had thwarted an attempt by the organization’s armed men to enter Derna’s western neighbourhoods on the night of Wednesday-Thursday. The attack was in response to the death of five elements affiliated with the organization, in clashes with the city’s youth on Tuesday…”


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January 22, 2016 at 5:30 pm

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