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Algerian security officials increasingly concerned about ISIS/Libya threats

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0n January 7, the Saudi-owned, London-based Asharq al-Awsat daily newspaper carried the following report: “The political officials in the Algerian government are giving a great deal of attention to the intelligence reports indicating that the ISIL terrorist organization is planning a “show” that will remind people of terrorism’s ugly face, the wounds of which Algeria is still dealing with until this moment. One can say that the main two threats to the Algerian stability for the time being are: The financial crisis resulting from the drop in financial resources and the collapse of the oil prices, and the threats of the radicals deployed in Libya…

“The security reports concerning the repercussions of the Libyan crisis on Algeria indicate that weapons are heavily deployed along the borders of the two countries and that large shipments of weapons are being marketed in cities of East Algeria. The one thing that the security services fear most is that these weapons will fall into the hands of the largest two organizations in the country: Al-Qa’idah in the Islamic Maghreb and ISIL.

“The Algerians have started to feel concerned for their security situation, which is already been fragile since the emergence of an ISIL footage last July showing three Algerian radicals… These people threatened the Algerian authorities by saying that “there will be a long war and it will extent to Algeria until the sun of Tawhid shines there.” They called on the rest of the armed groups in the country to “pledge allegiance.”

“…Algeria is certain that the phantom of the terrorist actions will return to haunt it unless it was to coordinate its security-related efforts with the countries that represent a stronghold for terrorism mainly Mali and Niger. In early 2013, a radical group that goes by the name of the “Blood signers” infiltrated the largest gas facility in Algeria in the extreme south western part of the country where it held 100 foreign technicians captive and asked for the release of radicals held in Mali in order to release them. Back then, the Algerian army leaders decided to settle this situation rapidly by organizing a flash attack by Special Forces. The operation led to the killing of all 29 attackers in addition to 39 foreign hostages.

“Reports by the security services that were leaked to local newspapers indicated that the same operation might be repeated in the future by the same radical who originally planned it, Algerian national, Mokhtar Ben Mokhtar, also known as the “Bin Laden of the Desert” who returned to his original “cocoon,” Al-Qa’idah in the Islamic Maghreb knowing that he had broken away from this group eight years ago following a severe clash with the head of this organization, Abou Mossaab Abdul Wadoud. By late November, the two parties announced the establishment of a “sacred alliance” to slam what they deemed “the infidel West and its allied governments in the region…””


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