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The push back by Resistance Axis against notion that Kuntar killing is cleavage in Russian-Iranian-Syrian-Hizbullah alliance

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The important point here is a very clear and precise push back to notions that the Israeli killing of Kuntar represents a new problem in the Russian-Iranian-Syrian-Hizbullah alliance.

Two things are important here:

  1. It is true – we need to understand the alliance for its limitations but not exaggerate the limitations/differences in some cases – i.e. Russia has S-400 air defence to protect Russian activities for now and the Kuntar killing came outside of that scope.
  2. But this scope could expand as the author suggests.


On January 6, the independent, leftist As-Safir daily newspaper carried the following report: “When the Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah announced the “arenas’ interconnection” equation in the aftermath of the Israeli assault on the patrol of the Resistance’s cadres in Kuneitra, he allowed more space into the circle of coordination and assessment of positions between the different powers allied to the Syrian leadership and engaged in the war against terror in Syria thus allowing for a partnership in the process of studying the steps and their repercussions in a way that does not affect the context of the field work aimed at confronting the terrorism that has been plaguing Syria for around five years.

“The latest operation of the Islamic Resistance in retaliation to the assassination of Martyr Samir Kuntar falls in the context of “assessing the situation and the interests…” Among this operation’s many messages, comes the fact that the operation carried answers to a number of questions, some of which are innocent while the majority are malicious. These questions were raised following the assassination of Martyr Kuntar in the Syrian Jermana in Rif Damascus and focused on “the Russian looking away from the Israeli assault; and some even stressed that Kuntar’s assassination would not have taken place had it not been for Russia overlooking the operation.”

“One source who is concerned with the dimensions of the Resistance’s operation at the Shebaa Farms, an area adjacent to the occupied Syrian Golan Heights commented by saying: “Since the assassination of Kuntar, questions started to emerge on the failure of the Russian defense force to intercept the Israeli war jets as well as the controversy between the Russian military intervention in the Syrian war and the relationship between Russia and Israel. However, following the downing of the Russian jet by the Turkish fire, Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced that the S-400 rocket structure is now deployed on the Syrian coast. His statement clearly indicated that he will not be allowing the downing or interception of the Russian jets present in the region and that came there to confront terrorism. In other words, the mission of the S-400 is not to shield the Syrian air space because this space is very vast and falls under the control of the Syrian sovereignty. But if the Syrian leadership was to request Russia’s protection of the air space, then Russia is willing to do so.”

“The source added that the “job of the Russia air force so far is to attack the targets determined by the Syrian army within the operations’ scene in Syria rather than to intercept jets…” The source concluded by saying that Israel “can launch smart rockets from far distances outside the Syrian air space and these rockets can hit their targets. This is exactly what happened in the assassination of Kuntar. Israel must understand that, through such actions, it is actually provoking the Russians even before the Iranians, Hezbollah and the Syrian regime…””


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January 6, 2016 at 10:54 pm

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