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Syrian pro-regime daily underlines point: Russia didn’t come to liberate Golan

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From today’s Daily Briefing – and a complement to the last piece posted on the blog. These are the key rationale now circulating.

The formulation is simple – don’t use the Kuntar killing as a wedge. It is not. Russia is doing it’s job which is clear. It is NOT an actor in the Hizbullah-Iranian (and Syrian..?) confrontation with Israel and no one expected it to be (directly):

On January 6, the pro-Syrian regime Al-Watan daily carried the following piece by Refaat al-Badawi: “After the success of the Israeli enemy with the assassination of Samir Kuntar, some analysts and skeptics started to build their positions and to conclude that the assassination of Samir Kuntar in Damascus is actually an assassination of the Resistance project in the Golan. Some writers even went further to say that the assassination wouldn’t have succeeded if it wasn’t for the Russian implicit supporting position, and that Samir Kuntar paid with his life the price of the Russian-Israeli agreement to prevent the launching of the Golan front…

“At the launching of the Syrian events in 2011, the Golan front with the occupied Palestine was still calm. However, Israel played a role in facilitating the passage, armament, and support of the armed fighters in addition to opening the hospitals of the Israeli enemy to treat the wounded terrorists. By doing so, the enemy wanted to establish a border strip similar to the one that had been established in South Lebanon following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

“But thanks to the military Resistance, Lebanon succeeded in removing this strip… This was a first in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict… The Resistance became a deterrence force for the Israeli arrogance… At the Syrian level, the idea was to establish a popular Syrian Resistance in the occupied Golan front similarly to the actions of the Lebanese Resistance in South Lebanon… We hereby repeat what Martyr Samir Kuntar said in his message on that the project of the Syrian popular Resistance has made its way and will not recede in light of the clear support of the Syrian political leadership represented in President Bashar al-Assad as well as the military command represented by the Syrian military institution…

“As for those who are promoting the existence of a Russian-Israeli agreement to halt the growth of the Syrian Resistance against the Israeli army we say that these claims and analyses aim at planting the seeds of suspicion in the work of the Resistance and will only serve the interests of the Israeli enemy. Israel did assassinate Samir Kuntar in light of the Russian presence in Syria and the presence of an advanced Russian radar system but we ask them: Did the assassinations of former Secretary General, Abbas Moussawi, and the senior jihadist, Hajj Imad Moghniyeh, and his son, Jihad Moghniyeh and his companions, and Hajj Hassan Lakkis and others occur in the presence of the Russian military or in light of a Russian-Israeli agreement? And did Russia come to Syria to fight Israel?

“Mistaken are those who believe that Russia came to Syria in order to liberate the occupied Golan Heights because this can only be done by the Syrians themselves… The main mission of the Russian military presence in Syria is to allow the Syrian state to resist in the face of the dirty war against it and to impose itself as a main player on the international scene. That’s it. The harmful analysis, leaks and speculations all serve the interests of the Israeli enemy…”


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January 6, 2016 at 11:21 pm

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