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Nicholas Noe in Newsweek on possibility of crisis in Algeria – “Algeria: What Lies Ahead”

My latest article for Newsweek on the possibility of crisis in Algeria.

“Algeria: What Lies Ahead”

BY Nicholas Noe

For years, Africa’s largest country ––a heavyweight energy producer as well as a key regional player––has been regarded by most analysts, Middle East politicians and foreign diplomats as a pillar of stability.

In recent history, the Algerian state proved its staying power by surviving the “Black Decade” of the 1990s when it relentlessly battled Islamist insurgents.

However, the conflict drained considerable resources, impeded vital socio-economic reforms and resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands, which does not include those who “disappeared” or were tortured, many allegedly at the hands of the government. Subsequent fears about Algeria’s future were customarily dismissed with one line: No one wants to go back to the bad old days of the “dirty war.”

The country also managed to escape the Arab revolts, which began in neighboring Tunisia in late 2010 and then enveloped several similarly-structured Arab countries into a state of perpetual violence and fragmentation.

Now, however, Algeria faces what some believe could be a perfect storm that threatens the stability of yet another Mediterranean and Arab state.



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