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HAMAS says Hillary’s charge that it met with ISIS leader is a “lie”

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On December 6, the pro-Hamas Palestinian Sama News carried the following exclusive report: “Today on Sunday, the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas strongly rejected the statements of Democratic Party candidate to the American presidency Hillary Clinton, in which she quoted Israeli reports as saying that the leader of ISIL organization in Sinai visited the Gaza Strip, and met with Hamas Politburo Chief Isma’il Haniyah. Speaking before the Saban Forum in Washington this evening, Clinton warned: “Despite the Israeli claims against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the alternative to Abbas could be the black flag of the Islamic State,” quoting the Israeli reports which spoke about the visit of the Islamic State organization leader in Sinai to the Gaza Strip and his meeting with Isma’il Haniyah.

“But in statements to Sama News, prominent leader in the Movement Dr. Isma’il Radwan said: “This is not true. We reject this hostile statement by Democratic Party candidate to the American presidency Hillary Clinton.” Radwan considered that “these statements are completely biased to the Zionist occupation, reflect a reshuffling of the cards, and is an attempt to please the occupation and win the votes the Jews in the United States,” calling on “all the American politicians not to implicate the Palestinian cause in the furnace of the American elections, and not to side with the Zionist occupation and the expense of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.” He added: “These statements reflect devious morals and values, an alignment with the Zionist occupation, and a cover of all the crimes practiced by the occupation against our people.”

“Regarding Clinton’s statements, in which she said that the alternative for President Abbas was ISIL organization, Radwan considered they instigated against the Palestinian people to “plant the seeds of strife on the Palestinian domestic arena.” The leader in Hamas then indicated that these statements “confirm that the American administration, and unfortunately all the politicians trying to please the occupation at the expense of the unity of our people, want to see the sustainment of division and the non-achievement of reconciliation.””


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December 8, 2015 at 10:47 pm

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