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Saudi media trying to spin Paris attackers as corrupted by Catholicism, not Wahhabism

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On November 30, Ali Morad wrote the following report in the Al-Akhbar daily newspaper: “Following the Paris terrorist attacks, the visual and printed media of the Saud family has been pumping a huge amount of reports and columns mostly promoting one defined idea using indirect methods: “The Saudi regime and the Wahhabi dogma are not responsible for producing the ISIL terrorism that is now slamming the capitals of Europe and the world.”

“The Saudi newspapers used pieces of information carried by European media outlets concerning the man who orchestrated the Paris attacks, Abdul Hamid Abaoud. Thus, the Ashraq al-Awsat newspaper opted for the following headline on Thursday, November 19: “The man who planned the Paris attacks went to a catholic school and hung out in cars.” The newspaper selected the pieces of information that respond to the official governmental orders overseen by their Minister of Information, Adel al-Tarifi. The newspaper thus implied that ISIList Abaoud ended up like this because of his bad bringing up and education (according to the traditional Wahhabi belief that the Catholics are infidels).

“Things did not stop at that. The Saudi Al-Arabiya channel also dedicated an important segment of its news reports on Saturday, November 21 to expose the story of Hasna Ayat Bel Hassan who was killed at the Saint Denis apartment indicating that she was a “prostitute” who drank, did drugs and had a difficult childhood with two separated parents before ending up with ISIL. All this focus on the personal lives of the terrorists who took part in the France assaults and bringing up stories on these people’s tumultuous backgrounds, their drinking and drug use, aimed at allowing the Saudi media to say that Abaoud and Bel Hassan had no ideological background that pushed them to terrorism but rather a mere “ethical, un-committed dissolution” that turned them into ISIL’s victims.

“The local Saudi printed media was also placed in a state of alert to highlight the “campaign” of Al-Qassim Prince, Faysal Ben Mashaal Ben Saud Ben Abdul Aziz, which was launched last May under the slogan of “Together against terrorism and the obscure train of thought.” It seems that the newspapers were asked to re-focus on their prince’s campaign in this specific time. Thus, the Saudi Al-Madina used the following headline on Friday, November 20: “Experts: there are secrets hands and external institutions working on “destroying” and “recruiting” the Saudi youth…”

“Some might say that the mistakes of the fathers cannot be pinned on the children and that the massacres perpetrated by the Wahhabis in the past had occurred in some specific circumstances imposed by the politics and geography of the situation back then between the balances of the Ottoman empire and the English empire. But the answer to this idea can be quickly seen by looking at the history of the Saud Family, which skillfully mastered one specific operation during two centuries of time before passing this skill over to their sons: the Saudis have proven their ability to mobilize people in the name of religion whenever they needed to. Abdul Aziz revived the experience of his grandfather, Mohammad Ben Saud, with the Bedouins of Najd in the early twentieth century with the support of the Abdul Wahab grandsons who brainwashed their followers…thus providing him with the expansion that he was aiming for in the Arabian Peninsula.

“Then, when the power of his “Brothers” increased, and when these perpetrated the worst kinds of killings and destruction all over the Arabian Peninsula namely in Hijaz where they carried out one of their most prominent massacres, the massacre of Tarba…, the world started to hear about the actions of “Abdul Aziz’s Brothers.” The British realized the threat of the Brothers possibly breaking away from Ben Saud’s control… Thus, Britain decided and Abdul Aziz had to implement that decision by disowning the Brothers knowing that he had created this phenomenon himself… He thus ordered the Wahhabi sheikhs who issued fatwas to deem the Brothers infidels and to cast them away. Britain then raided them with its jets while Abdul Aziz attacked them with his soldiers and wiped them out at the Al-Sobla battle in March 1929.

“Following the death of King Abdullah Ben Abdul Aziz and the access to power of Kind Salman, the Foreign Policy Magazine carried an article by American writer David Weinberg on January, 1 2015, where he quoted a former CIA officer by the name of Bruce Riedel, who said that Salman was collecting donations for the “mujahedeen” in Afghanistan in the 1980s to fight the Soviets and the Bosnia Muslims during the Balkan conflicts in the 1990s in addition to being the main financer of the fundamentalists in the external war zones… In her book, “Thicker Than Oil: America’s Uneasy Partnership with Saudi Arabia,” Rachel Bronson says that Salman helped to recruit fighters for the Afghani Jihadist, Abdul Rasoul Seif, who served as a guide for Osama Ben Laden and Khaled al-Sheikh, the mastermind behind the September 11 attacks in New York…

“The Arab Spring events erupted and the Al-Qa’idah groups emerged in several Arab countries… The Washington-led alliance to slam this organization [i.e. Al-Qa’idah], the following Russian raids, and the present talk about a global alliance aimed at eliminating this organization following the bloody Paris attacks and the threats against Europe and other international capitals: All this is pushing Saudi Arabia to shy away, through the media, from any responsibility in creating the Al-Qa’idah groups and their terrorist arms…

“The Saudis are well aware of the fact that the world has been recently wondering – and will continue to wonder in the future – about the secret of the relationship between ISIL and the Wahhabi ideology. The Saudis can no longer deny and stick their head in the sand… The world can now see, listen and understand. If the people of the Saud family were to insist on denying their responsibility for the innocent people’s blood spill in the East and the West and relying on the ruling imperialist authority in the old and new colonialist countries, then they will realize – sooner than later – that these imperialists will soon be tossing them in the garbage bin thanks to the pressure exerted by the international public opinion just like they did with many others before them…”


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