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Gulf Paper in attack on Muslim Brotherhood parties in Yemen, aligned with some GCC countries

An interesting piece by Al-Khaleej that mirrors the growing intra-GCC rifts in Yemen war. Translated in our Daily Briefing today:

On November 24, the pro-government Al-Khaleej newspaper carried the following lead editorial: “When Operation Storm of Resolve was launched to liberate Yemen from those who had stolen its legitimate authority, to turn the country into a card in the regional game and the spearhead for the expansion of Iranian influence in the Arab Gulf region on March 26 of last year, all the Yemeni powers and parties were expected to put their political and personal calculations aside, and engage with the Arab Coalition Forces in the liberation of Yemen from the Houthis and Ali Abdullah Saleh’s forces, considering that the battle was mainly their own. Most powers in the North and South detected the looming threat, participated with the Arab forces in the liberation of Yemen from the insurgent militias, achieved palpable success, and liberated the city of Aden, Bab el-Mandeb and other strategic regions…

“And they offered massive sacrifices for that end, given the fact that the Arab and pro-legitimacy forces lost dozens of martyrs and hundreds of wounded in the process. But the goal was to liberate Yemen, all of it, free it from the claws of the Houthis and Saleh’s forces, and bring it back to the lap of its Arab nation and its brothers in the Arab Gulf region, which requires the continuation of the liberation process and the regaining of wide areas still controlled by the insurgents in the North. And this in turn requires the mobilization of more Yemeni forces and powers because the battle needs everyone’s participation, including the Reform Party, the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood group. But as confirmed by its history, this group always practices opportunism in its behavior and relations with others, while waiting for an opportunity to achieve its political ambitions and goals at any price.

“This is true, even if this price is the deceit of those who trusted and believed it. And whenever it encounters failure, it resorts to conspiracies, violence and terrorism, which is confirmed by its near and distant history in all the Arab countries where it is present. Likewise, during the current battles in Yemen, its leaders promised to participate in the liberation war then broke their promise. They thus entered and existed the arena, and shared dubious ties with the terrorist groups that seized some parts of the Hadramaut province. Moreover, they tried to impose their conditions and course on the battles, even to earn the price for them in advance and before the full achievement of victory. These MB positions revealed the reality, intentions and plans of the group, whose main goal is to reach power at any price.

“But this obstructed the liberation process and the continuation of the military operations as planned, based on a specific timetable. Once again, the MB-Reform role, which has exposed intentions and goals, is teaching us not to trust or believe the promises made by the group, even to beware of it because it is acting as a sixth [probably meant fifth] column on the battlefield. Still, the battle to liberate Yemen will not stop until the achievement of victory and the eradication of the insurgency, at a time when the Yemeni MB’s fate resides in the hands of the Yemeni people, whom they have once again let down.”


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November 26, 2015 at 12:39 am

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