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Reports of Russian mediated ceasefire outside of Damscus

According to the BBC:

“Syrian pro-government social media, as well as a number of activists have reported a “15-day ceasefire” to begin on 19 November in Al-Ghutah al-Sharqiyyah, on the eastern edge of Damascus, which has been under siege by government forces since late 2013.

The agreement, which has not been officially announced by any of the warring parties, includes the “suspension of all military operations for 15 days, in tandem with the opening of closed entrances between the city of Damascus and Al-Ghutah al-Sharqiyyah, under the auspices of Russia”, according to Enab Baladi, a Syrian opposition newspaper based in Turkey.

Al-Ghutah al-Sharqiyyah is the stronghold of a key Islamist armed opposition, Jaysh al-Islam (The Army of Islam), led by Zahran Allush.

The newspaper added that the proposed ceasefire followed the Vienna agreement on 14 November for implementing a ceasefire and initiating talks between the Syrian government and opposition groups.

The Facebook page of Dimashq al-Aan (Damascus Now), loyal to the Syrian government, quoted unidentified opposition sources from the province of Damascus Countryside as saying that opposition factions “demanded the [Syrian] army enforce a ceasefire in all parts of Al-Ghutah al-Sharqiyyah tomorrow [19 November] for 15 days starting from 0600 [local time, 0400 gmt]”.

It said that the army “conditionally accepted the request”.

The page added in another post that a Russian delegation “had entered Al-Ghutah al-Sharqiyyah last week, and met a number of the militias’ leaders”.

The page then quoted the minister of national reconciliation as saying that “we are against the term ceasefire, because it means equal and recognized bodies – which is incorrect. The correct thing is that there is an army that is fighting groups and armed factions”.

Meanwhile, media activists Yasir al-Dumani (3,835 followers) wrote on his Facebook page: “Alert: Al-Ghutah al-Sharqiyyah’s factions have agreed on a ceasefire with the [Syrian President Bashar] al-Asad regime starting as of tomorrow morning [19 November] for 15 days as a test period.”


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