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TRANSLATED: Report says conflict escalating between UAE and Turkey

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On November 20, the Qatari-owned Al-Quds al-Arabi daily carried the following report by its correspondent in Istanbul Ismail Jamal: “The Emirati media outlets, particularly those funded by the Abu Dhabi government, intensified their attack on Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at a time when Turkish news outlets accused the Emirates of planning an attack on the Turkish embassy in Libya. This marked a new episode in the escalating series of disputes between the two countries, which is generating fear of seeing the media war turning into a greater diplomatic crisis. The disputes between the two countries had clearly surfaced following the coup staged by current Egyptian President Abdul Fattah es-Sisi against deposed President Mohammad Morsi, and the accusations made to President Erdogan by the UAE, which strongly supported Es-Sisi, of interfering in Egyptian internal affairs…

“After a period of calm, the Emirati media outlets reopened fire at Erdogan in their coverage of the November parliamentary elections that were won by the ruling Justice and Development Party, and accused him of being a “dictator.” Hence the Emirati-funded and Dubai-based Sky News satellite channel covered the elections under the headline “The democracy of the dictator,” in reference to Erdogan who had won the 2014 presidential elections. Moreover, Emirati media outlets are constantly accusing Turkey of providing the Islamic State organization (ISIL) with weapons and allowing the entry of foreign fighters through its territories, despite the Turkish government’s repeated denial of these accusations, and are talking about “the violations of human rights and the freedom of the press in Turkey.” But a few days ago, Turkish media outlets also attacked the UAE, after its official news agency WAM carried “distorted” statements of the Turkish president.

“Major Turkish papers thus wrote under the headline “Hideous defamation of Erdogan by the Emirati news agency,” that the agency distorted statements by Erdogan and claimed he said after the Russian plane crash in Sinai: “It is natural for ISIL to down the Russian plane because Moscow is attacking it in Syria.” However, the more dangerous accusation was seen in an article by a Turkish writer close to the government, as Turkish journalist Ismail Yasa launched a fierce attack on Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed, saying that what he referred to as being an “Emirati spy” was caught in Libya, and revealed that Abu Dhabi had planned the detonation of the Turkish embassy in Tripoli and was supporting the Islamic State organization (ISIL). The author of the article, which was carried by the Turkish Dirilis Postasi, then went on to describe the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince as a being a “spoiled child.”

“He also assured that the available information following the arrest of the Emirati national in Libya revealed that “Abu Dhabi was planning to detonate the Turkish embassy in Libya, or carry out a major terrorist attack against it, and was involved in the attack on the Turkish consulate in Misuratah…” For his part, Turkish political analyst Oktay Yilmaz assured that the UAE’s negative position towards Turkey was not new and started upon the eruption of the Arab spring revolutions, particularly in Egypt… He indicated in exclusive statements to Al-Quds al-Arabi that there was “no direct problem between Turkey and the UAE. We can even say that the problem is unilateral. The UAE saw that Turkey was supporting the popular demands, which bothered it since it is leading the states oppressing those calling for freedom…”

“He continued that in case “the UAE upholds this approach, this could have negative repercussions on the diplomatic ties between the two countries,” calling on the Saudi command to “offer advice to the UAR to stop provoking Turkey, so that the relations do not reach the point of total severance…””


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