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The Main Event: Will various sides succeed in (again) deflecting action vs. Saudi+Gulf sources of most virulent form of extremism that threatens West and the region?

Already in the last few days, think tankers and polemicists whose main target has long been Iran, Hezbollah, the Syrian regime and (lately) Russia are trying desperately to make the Paris attacks somehow about Nasrallah, Iran, Putin and the Syrian regime (the latter of which has, surely, exercised relentless cruelty and violence over the last five years and the last few decades, overwhelmingly against Syrians).

Will this attack finally turn the tide and overcome the counter-productive and mostly misleading argument that “Assad and his backers” are the main sustainers of ISIS etc?

The “bombing Assad and Iran and Russia will solve our problems” crowd has been losing this argument for at least the last year, so now, perhaps, a major change will come, recognizing “facts on the ground” and the main threat to the West, especially. That is: Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

EVEN IF THIS OCCURS, one seriously doubts that the main, well-known source of violent, religiously-driven extremism which clearly threatens the West will be countered – despite everything we know about 9.11 and beyond. That is, of course, Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies.

These next few days are critical – will Western countries go the distance and get ISIS at its source? I.e. some of our supposedly best allies?

The DC think tank crowd must be extremely frustrated right now one thinks.


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November 15, 2015 at 8:41 pm

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