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Nicholas Noe in Newsweek – Trouble in Tunisia: Security Breaches, Economic Slump & Political Divisions

My latest article for Newsweek that delves into the very serious problems that Tunisia is facing; and how the main cancer afflicting the country lies less in the gathering threat of violent jihadists than in addressing the deep inefficiencies and injustices of the parallel state – the corrupt triangle of de factor power in the country made up of some of the police, some business elites and the local mafia.

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“After suffering two mass casualty terrorist attacks claimed by the group Daesh earlier this year, Tunisians understandably rejoiced when four local civil society groups were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on October 9, in recognition of their work supporting Tunisia’s transition from dictatorship to democracy.

Unfortunately, since then, things only seemed to have gotten worse for this country of 11 million people on the southern shores of the Mediterranean.
On October 12, two Tunisian soldiers were killed and four wounded in a clash with Al Qaeda linked fighters who have been active in the western Chaambi Mountain region for several years.
After claiming responsibility for the attack on the security forces, Katibat Uqba Ibn Nafi (KUIN) added in a communiqué that it had also executed one local shepherd and several other Tunisians from the nearby town of Gassrine, an economically deprived border town.
Of course, all of this adds up to what Daesh was probably hoping for when it sent its own Tunisian operatives-trained just across the eastern border in Libya-to attack the capital’s national museum in Bardo and the resort beaches of Sousse in March: Cascading attacks that further stress regional fault lines, done dirt cheap…”

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