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Ad-Diyyar daily says Lebanon likely to witness violent repercussions of Russian involvement in Syria

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On November 3, the Ad-Diyyar daily newspaper carried the following report by Dolly Bachaalani: “Whatever the reasons behind the Russian airplane’s crash in Egypt, and whether these reasons pertain to a pilot’s error, a technical problem, or an ISIL terrorist act as per this group’s unsupported claims, this serious incident that led to the death of 224 victims has thrust Russia into a new circle as per well-informed diplomatic circles especially since the incident has been connected to the Russian military intervention in Syria.

“The sources added that Moscow was expecting a violent reaction in Lebanon in light of this country’s proximity to Syria but it hadn’t expected an assault over the Egyptian lands. The incident has caused Russia to realize that the door to retaliation is now wide open and that the terrorists will not only attack its interests in Lebanon or Russia but also in several regional countries because it is illogical for the plane to have crashed coincidentally or for technical reasons.

“Russia had realized that a price will have to be paid for its intervention in Syria and that this price will be paid in Lebanon. It was however taken aback by the method used by the terrorists. Today, Russia fears that it might receive addition surprises in different areas. For this reason, Russia has started to take precautionary measures without dropping its guard regarding potential incidents in Beirut. For this reason, Russia warned its embassy there as well as Ambassador Alexander Zasypkin and the embassy team to take all the necessary precautions to prevent any terrorist attempt against them. The same sources also indicated that Russia wanted the Vienna meeting to serve as a tool for the countries concerned with the Syrian crisis as well as the neighboring countries including Lebanon to reach a peaceful settlement in order to quickly get rid of the takfiris…

“Because Lebanon is closer to Syria than any other country, the same sources believe it is likely that this country will be paying the price for Russia’s intervention in Syria one way or another either directly, through the targeting of the Russian embassy with a booby trapped car, a terrorist bombing, or anything else; or indirectly by freezing the file of the soldiers who have been kidnapped by ISIL and An-Nusra front and are being kept in the barren areas.

“The sources added that the takfiris might retaliate against any Christian religious venue in Lebanon since Russia is a Christian country waging a war against Islam knowing that Moscow had disputed this theory by announcing that its counter-terrorism war has nothing to do with religion or with the past crusades…”


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