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Fomer AK party deputy PM & spokesman says rogues hijacked his party; “democrat and liberal identity vanished”

On October 25, Today’s Zaman website on 25 October reported under the headline: “When Conscience Speaks Up: Arinc Bears Witness.

“This was a strong protestation. An outburst of conscience. A case of reaching the limits of one’s patience. In fact, he did not speak in a no-holds-barred fashion. He exercised restraint; yet, it was still enough. His previous stance and deep silence in the face of injustice and oppression had made people wonder, “Is conscience dead?” Yesterday, he showed that conscience was not dead. He could not bear it any longer. He talked about what he saw and thought. Both directly and allusively. Everybody understood what he meant. It was self-evident. He spoke not with his mouth but with his conscience. He gave voice to the feelings of the AK Party because large majority of the AK Party thinks as Bulent Arinc does [the author makes a distinction between the terms of the “AK Party” and the “AKP”, with AK meaning pure and clean in Turkish]. Why they are keeping quiet then, one might ask. Partly out of helplessness and partly out of fear. They, too, get their share of the climate of fear that the country is in. Odd but true.

“I am not a fake AK Party member,” said Arinc. Similar to Nimet Bas who said, “I am a member of the AK Party not the AKP.” An important distinction. For some time, I tried to pay attention to this deep fracture. It is now out in the open. These are only some tiny leaks. There is more to follow. The fault line is simmering. It is full of energy. An earthquake is inevitable. The way things are going, it is inevitable to crash into the iceberg.

“The AK Party became the AKP. The AKP are in the hands of, in Arinc’s words, “a loony juvenile group” within the party. This group feeds on AK trolls in the social media. These fake members of the AKP came from outside and took hold of the top positions. The policies of the latest period are the work of this structure. It is for a reason that Arinc asks, “Could it possibly be that there is a structure, an organization that seeks to create a rift between the [Fethullah Gulen] community and the party. The answer is obvious. A structure, an organization, which has nothing to do with the AK Party’s mission took the party hostage. That is why the party’s democrat and liberal identity vanished. The AKP regressed. During the latest era, a series of corruption and bans peaked and they still do. In fact, fighting against these was the raison d’etre of the AK Party.

“Arinc said, “Friendly television channels placed an embargo on me, including the TRT [Turkish Radio and Television], which I was in charge of.” The state-run Anatolian News Agency is also included in this. He did not wish to go into further details. “Let this suffice,” he said. Apparently, there is more to it. Arinc is the [former] deputy prime minister and the government spokesperson but he is banned from the TRT. For him to speak on pro-government channels is deemed damaging, assuming that “this will upset certain people.”…”


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October 28, 2015 at 1:42 pm

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