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.@SarahEYerkes & @RamiKhouri Tunisia’s Nobel winning Quartet: But where’s the beef?

Sarah Yerkes and Rami Khouri have two pieces today that like several of the pieces on the Quartet have almost nothing specific about what the Quartet specifically did that deserves a Nobel! This is largely because, as Monica Marks and others documented (and as many folks know here in Tunisia), the Quartet was a backroom process where little was known about what they were doing, what the parameters were, who was pressuring who and with what at the critical time.

Thankfully, given the rather strange awarding of the Nobel, and the many problems with the Quartet process and the actors themselves and (we should say) the whole issue of whether its a good idea to circumvent nascent democratic institutions with informal “dialogue” processes, we should shortly see some real critical takes on the Quartet which are much needed.

My piece is here:

“The Problem With Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet”

“Will Tunisia’s Nobel Prize be an inspiration?”

Also a critical related issue:

“Another Middle Eastern State Could Collapse, and More Cash and Weapons Won’t Save It”/September 2015

Rami’s piece is here:

@SarahEYerkes piece is here:


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