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.@DaveedGR Foreign Affairs article on Nusra front missing critical ingredient to understanding Nusra and its re-branding: Israel

This is a much forwarded article in FA magazine, but, for those who know the issue closely, there is a very curious absence in that the Israeli role in the story that we have been debating – that the Israeli media has been debating and clashing over especially – is completely absent. A strange omission given that this is obviously a critical part of the story that has only been partially understood and uncovered – but there is much meat there already!

Since it seems that Nusra/Al-Qaeda is in charge of substantial areas bordering Israel in the Golan, what does an Israeli-Nusra relationship mean? How has it been conducted (there is much debate and some info on this)…. and what role does this or should this play, given that the article’s thesis focuses on the “re-branding” effort of Nusra to make it softer or even a partner for several sides?

Does it make sense for Israel to have a truce with Nusra or even work with it in key moments and areas? Might this not make sense for the security of Israel, especially when Hezbollah and Iran are contesting Nusra spaces near Israel and Nusra is a sworn enemy of both actors? No matter what one thinks of these issues, to leave this wide debate and discussion out of the FA piece is unfortunate.

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October 14, 2015 at 6:46 pm

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