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Daily describes “major” terrorist attack “foiled” in Tunisia…. concerns grow over an ISIS “Southern Strategy”

An important report from Qatari owned Al-Quds al-Arabi on October 1:

“Tunisian security forces have managed to foil a major terrorist scheme bearing the fingerprints of Islamic State [IS, also known as ISIL, ISIS] and targeting the Province of Tataouine in the south. Meanwhile, media sources indicated that the authorities have handed over the body of the perpetrator of the Sousse attack, Seifeddine Rezgui, to his relatives to be buried amid tight security measures.

The Interior Ministry issued statement on Thursday in which it confirmed that border guards personnel managed to seize two booby-trapped cars carrying the insignia of IS and coming from Libyan territory. The vehicles were seized in the area of Remada in Tataouine, southern Tunisia.

The statement said: “The Interior Ministry announces that two vehicles were seized in a qualitative intelligence operation and an ambush set by Azrat border guards personnel, affiliated with the national guard zone in Remada. A terrorist group was intercepted while trying to infiltrate into Tunisia aboard three SUVs at dawn on 30 September 2015. They could not advance because the national guard forces opened fire on them, while their advance was obstructed by the sand barrier, which made one of the three vehicles go back into Libyan territory.”

The statement said a number of machine guns and large quantities of ammunition were found in the two cars, in addition to hand grenades, night vision binoculars, and a Libyan telephone card. The Akhir Khabar electronic website said that Mehdi Zribi, an extremist militant wanted by Tunisian authorities, could be responsible for booby-trapping the vehicles. The website said Zribi joined the extremist ISIL organization some time ago, when he “received training on booby-trapping cars and making bombs. About a year ago, he moved to Libya upon instructions from the command of the organization to provide training on booby-trapping and planning bombings in Tunisia”.

Dozens of youths from the area of Remada have disappeared. Security sources said they most probably left to join the Islamic State in Libya.

Military expert Badrah Qa’lul had warned in previous statements to Al-Quds al-Arabi of the presence of a scenario to create a “new Bouazizi” in southern Tunisia, in which, she said, the “Da’ish thinking” prevails.

She added: “There will be serious provocation attempts between the security and citizens in southern Tunisia, where the situation is very fragile because of the absence of development and the deep anger felt by citizens. In addition, the prevailing unstable situation can create social disturbances, especially in the presence of slogans threatening to kill security officers. Perhaps a scenario or a hypothesis that can take place on the ground (such as the shooting dead of a youth by security forces), can be a signal for chaos in Tunisia or for what is being prepared for in Tunisia, which is a Da’ish emirate in the south.”…”


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