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Qatari owned Al-Quds al-Arabi: “Plan to create ‘new Bouazizi’ and restore chaos in Tunisia;” Tunisian women – but violent jihadist type this time – said leading training

An interesting piece by Al-Quds al-Arabi. There should be more background to understand Badrah’s positioning! Few points from the piece:

“A military expert has disclosed that there is a plot to create “a new Bouazizi” in southern Tunisia and prepare for overturning the security conditions and returning chaos to the country. She also pointed that there are nearly 1,000 women who are receiving special training in the camps of the organization of the Islamic State in Libya with the aim of carrying out terrorist operations in Tunisia. Badrah Qal’ul, head of the International Centre for Military and Security Studies, said in an exclusive statement to Al-Quds al-Arabi: “There are strong hands in Tunisia which stir the street and may create for us “a new Bouazizi”, (reference to the person who ignited the Tunisian revolution) so that a new revolution would take place amid a state of strong boiling in southern Tunisia, and probably preparation is taking place for this step in light of the approaching “settlement” in Syria; therefore, the security problems would move from the east to North Africa.”

“She added: “There will be immense provocation between the security and the citizens in southern Tunisia where the situation is very fragile due to the absence of development and the great anger within the society. Furthermore, the ideology is dominant in the whole of south, and there is a moving ground that can create a sort of social disturbances, particularly since the emergency laws are still valid. Perhaps, the provocations may increase with the presence of the slogans raised which threaten to kill the security elements. Perhaps there is a scenario or a chance that may take place on the ground (such as the killing of a young man by the bullets of the security men) and this may signal the beginning of a certain form of chaos in Tunisia or to what is being prepared for in Tunisia, which is an ISIL emirate in the south.” She lauded, in this respect, the role of the elements of the Tunisian security in protecting the country from the terrorist operations through dismantling dozens of cells and aborting a number of attacks. However, she pointed out that the stable situation at present may stand as “the stillness before the storm”. She added: “For example, the transmission of Al-Bayan radio, which is affiliated with the Islamic State and which originally broadcast from Mosul and propagates extremist speeches, has reached the border of the city of Djerba in southern Tunisia. There is information that points out that it has recently started to broadcast from the Libyan city of Zuwarah, and other information which says that it is possible that small transmission devices are placed in the desert, which transmit instigating slogans taken from the radio; therefore, it is not possible to know its frequencies and then jam it.”

“Some social communication sites have recently posted a recording attributed to Yusuf al-Annabi (Abu-Ubaydi), who is a leading figure in Al-Qa’idah Organization in the Islamic Maghreb, in which he threatened to attack Tunisia, which he said has become “a crusader state in the grip of the secularists,” and to attack its vital interests wherever they might be. Meanwhile, Qal’ul pointed out that there are about 1,000 Tunisian women “who cross the border to the Libyan swamp, where there are training barracks which were prepared by the organization of the Islamic State, which has recently changed its strategy in a way that the woman has become a focal point in the field dealing. In these camps, many women are trained on carrying out suicide operations in Tunisia and forming a link with the sleeper cells in the country”. She added that “the organization has recently sought assistance from the women due to the ability of the woman to infiltrate deep into the society, and we note that the female element has been intensively enrolled into the organization through Al-Khansa Battalion, the women police, and others…”

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October 2, 2015 at 3:08 pm

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