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Iran president contradicts idea of a “coalition” with Russia

Fars News Agency website: Tehran, 25 September: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran and Moscow are not working within a joint or coordinated plan to aid the Syrian government, adding that the two states are extending separate helps to the Damascus war on the terrorists.

“I do not see a coalition between Iran and Russia in the war against terrorism in Syria,” President Rouhani said in New York, addressing the American media representatives on Friday [25 September].

The Iranian president’s remarks came after he told the audience that President Vladimir Putin told him personally that Moscow wants to play a more active role in combating extremist groups in the region.

President Rouhani said when the bloodshed stops in Syria, the country should enter a new phase where the voices of the opposition will also be heard.

“It is impossible to (achieve) democracy (in Syria) without stability; voting is impossible in the battlefield,” President Rouhani added….


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