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Interesting new discourse emerging in Arabic media?: Bethlehem is the Palestinian Deraa

Yes, from a pro-Hamas outlet but an interesting linkage between the events in the West Bank and the discourse around Deraa and the Syrian Revolution. Bashar/Abbas, Palestinian secret police+Israelis/Bashar…. one wonders how far this theme may proceed in coming period. From our Daily Briefing today (for a free trial, email

On September 21, the pro-Hamas Filastin al-An daily newspaper carried the following piece by Mahmoud Abou Kamil: “The events taking place in Bethlehem at the West Bank are quite similar to the incident of the Syrian child, Hamza al-Khatib, at the beginning of the Syrian revolution in Deraa. Last Friday, angry Palestinian protests took to the streets in Palestine and some Arab countries in solidarity with the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Zionist desecration of this place.

“In the West Bank, as usual, the Palestinian security services, which are linked to the Zionist enemy on the security level, were mobilized to suppress these protests. The whole world watched them in a state of full alert as if they were going to liberate Palestine. But their real mission actually consisted of suppressing the Palestinian marches in solidarity with the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“In the West Bank, precisely in Bethlehem, members of the security services beat up people taking part in a protest march in Bethlehem including a Palestinian boy who was there to express his solidarity with Al-Aqsa. Everybody watched them as they attacked the boy and beat him up. After that, marches were organized to condemn the actions of the security services that served the Zionist enemy and to express people’s dismay over the role of these security services, which are constantly coordinating their efforts with the occupation entity in order to abort any action of resistance against the Zionist occupier.

“Bethlehem is similar to the Syrian Deraa. Palestinian marches have taken to the street, not led by any Palestinian faction asking for the departure of the Authority’s head, Mahmoud Abbas. The protests took place in front of the police force center in Bethlehem. However, the services opened fire on the angry people and thugs took to the streets in order to suppress the angry protestors and prevent any protests asking for the departure of Mahmoud Abbas who had said on TV that he will resign immediately if only one protest was organized against him.

“The events in Bethlehem constitute a scenario that is quite similar to that of the Syrian revolution’s cradle in Deraa. All the Palestinians must express their anger against the actions of the Authority’s services and the free services that they are offering to the enemy who is occupying our country, Palestine.”


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September 23, 2015 at 11:15 pm

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