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Update from Kos: A huge wave of families and individuals are on their way; This seems to be only the beginning

A long day so far on the Greek island of Kos. An amazing level of donations of all kinds from Greeks. A great multi national volunteer effort as well. Sad whispers of the extreme right wing golden dawn occasionally beating refugees. The core problem though is that everyone here seems to think the major flow of people is over. It is clearly only beginning. Apparently there are literally thousands waiting just across the water in bodrum turkey once again. One smuggler alone is said by a journalist today who arrived to have a waiting list of 1500 people. Last night 600 people came ashore in kos here alone. Mostly Syrians. Tonight we will be waiting for the next wave. ONE THING EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW: all refugees without exception are also paying 58 euros for the ferry to Athens after they get a special government paper. This is the standard issue tourist price. The refugees from the Indian sub continent and Africa and Central Asia are the most hard pressed and need to be able to pay for the ticket. Many don’t have shoes. Most Syrians right now at least here are traveling as whole families. Some have cheap hotel rooms where each family member is charged 20 euros. They sleep five or more in a room. Just remember that people are paying their way in what really must be an unprecedented manner and even though food distribution can get difficult and sometimes almost out of hand, one really wonders: what if this were a bunch of New Yorkers, my hometown. Would we all act with such restraint? Would we refrain from stealing food for our families-reports of crime by the refugees is essentially non existent here? I hope we would act with the same dignity and extreme patience and care for another’s country that we are seeing right now. Some scenes from the Solidarity center today11863494_720571538048900_4759727899419667553_n 11206115_720571548048899_7300646994040095914_n 11227947_720571314715589_2911185274503034322_n 12009739_720571588048895_2155110728105489439_n


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September 15, 2015 at 7:33 pm

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