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Iraqi MP on $187 G4S Contract: “Enough to contract an entire army” & could end unemployment in Basra if locals trained & hired

A report on September 13 from the Baghdad-based Iraqi Kurdish Shafaq News website in English: “[Iraqi] MP of State of law coalition Awatif Ni’ma criticized on Sunday [13 September] strongly (G4S British) company for winning a contract worth 200 billion Iraqi dinars to provide protection services for the Gas Company of Basra, indicating that this amount if devoted to workers from Basra , there would be no unemployed people in the province .

Ni’ma said in a statement: “(G4S) company specialized in providing security services announced yesterday that it has won a contract worth $187 million, the equivalent of two hundred billion dinars, to provide security services for the Gas Company of Basra,” indicating that “this large amount is enough to contract with an entire army and also enough to buy weapons which can end the security problems.”

She added that “this company if operated by the people of Basra and gave them their full salaries without unfairness and without the presence of a secondary broker , no unemployed person would remained, but mafias of some parties are playing a bad role by agreement with the companies secondary contractor so the employee of Basra would get only pennies, This is corruption in its ugliest forms, “she wondered,” there is no Iraqi company to do the job instead of the foreign company to make sure that our money won’t go out and we living a severe financial crisis? Is there no army and police forces to provide protection for Basra Gas company?””


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