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Report says war, essentially, has started in Palestinian Refugee camp in Sidon, Lebanon; And local control is but one aspect of coming push

On August 27, the pro-Hezbollah Ad-Diyyar daily newspaper carried the following report by Hesham Yehya: “…The events that took place in the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, Ain el Helweh, jumped to the political and diplomatic circle of interests in Beirut especially since pieces of information coming from the camp indicate that this is way more than a mere Palestinian decision to settle the battle against the radical Islamists in Ain el Helweh. The takfiri groups used mortars for the first time in the clashes in addition to all sorts of heavy weapons following the sudden and violent attack launched by the members of these groups against the Fatah posts sand locations at the Taware’ neighborhood.

“Thus, observers on the ground believe that the objective of the radical Islamic groups in Ain el Helweh does not merely consist of breaking the Fatah movement… Indeed, the Islamists’ action, their possession of the newest kinds of heavy and middle weapons in addition to the generous support that they are receiving from external parties that are well-known for supporting the terrorist takfiri groups all over the region mainly in Syria and Iraq: all these factors indicate, according to Fatah officials, that there are some hidden intentions and plans that go beyond the idea of imposing a military and security control over Ain el Helweh.

“Concerned circles indicated that the events in Ain el Helweh are not mere regular clashes like the earlier rounds of fighting. The events that are currently taking place at the camp actually constitute a massive, open war, the military and security dimensions of which exceed the borders of the camp and spill over the entire Saida area including the city and its surroundings. Indeed, the displacement of large number of people from the camp towards the city of Saida in addition to the rapid expansion of the clashes…indicate that the regional engine has given a green light to the takfiri forces at Ain el Helweh to snatch the camp as well as Saida away. This is part of a plan and a scenario aiming at declaring a takfiri princedom on the Lebanese land, i.e. transferring the project of an Islamic princedom that was planned to be established in the capital of the north, Tripoli, to the capital of the south…

“Diplomatic circles in Beirut said that all the political, security related, and military givens indicate that the massive clashes taking place in Ain el Helweh between the Fatah and Islamic elements represent a serious security development in the context of the attempts carried out by the takfiri terrorists and their regional operations to raise the tension and confusion on the already tense Lebanese arena… The circles added that the Ain el Helweh battles fall in the context of the regional response to the Iranian nuclear agreement and the subsequent important political and military Hezbollah victories at the Qalamoun and Ersal barren areas’ battles…”


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August 27, 2015 at 3:00 pm

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